Overweight Teens Marching To Summer Camps

Weight loss camps are flourishing because they address a real and urgent problem that parents find really tough to deal with unaided. 

Weight loss camps offer a variety of different approaches and programs- from traditional diet and exercise plans to the newest fads in weight loss.

Take as an example one New York summer weight loss camp.  The camp combines  traditional diet and weight loss programs with a range of alternative ways to lose weight. 

A high priority is ensuring their programs are enjoyable and entertaining.  They want the kids that enroll to have fun.  The programs offered  include a range of unusual activities aimed at stimulating, speeding and maintaining the metabolic processes that burn off calories.

By the time the camp stay ends, both parents and the kids themselves are usually very happy with the results of their weight loss program.

A great benefit is that many of these health camp weight loss programs are designed for continuity.   So the kids that do "get the message" and stick with their programs will continue to lose weight after they return home.

Unfortunately, not all traditional diet camps produce the results expected.  So choose carefully which  camp your kids will attend.  Seek camps with interesting and stimulating programs and with good references from the academic and medical community.

Try to choose camps with diet programs based on scientific research and sound nutritional and psychological basics. Don't send your kids to become guinea pigs for unproven "fad" diet or exercise plans.  Opt for well established weight loss programs proven to deliver results that last.

Aside from diet and exercise, the better camps offer skills training to help kids and teens maintain a healthy body throughout life.  Some  offer behavioral therapies to strengthen their mental and emotional capacity to deal with  issues that cause or result from weight gain.

There are summer camps that offer special needs programs for problems beyond simple overweight - e.g. Autism, ADHD, Asperger's and various learning disabilities or behavioral problems.   Some camps will cater concurrently for both special needs and weight control issues.

For many parents, these health camps are a Godsend.  It is extremely difficult for parents to motivate children suffering from psychological disorders to lose weight.  In these situations, expert assistance is often the way to progress.

One factor that parents should look for in a weight loss camp is the ratio of students to staff.  A high ratio of instructors or counselors will allow more individual attention for each child and can also provide a wider range of expertise.

Sufficient supervision is essential to ensure that students follow the program correctly and to guide them in correct techniques to maximize their results.  Expert instructors will assure that kids leave camp satisfied and with improved self-esteem.

Weight loss summer camps are available in most areas. There are also some winter camps on offer.   Health camp is one of the best investments a parent or sponsor could make for a child's long term health and happiness.


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